1. Our Brand - The Sotheby’s name has been built on centuries of tradition dealing with the most luxurious and treasured items. For 43 years, Sotheby’s International Realty has become a luxury powerhouse that proudly shares the name and sterling reputation. We are the indisputable global pacesetter for luxury real estate, our brand consistent with distinctive homes across the world. People’s expectation of the quality of homes with our blue sign on the lawn are higher. To our clients, it signifies that their home is worthy of our iconic brand.

2. Our Legacy - With over 270 years of history that date back to the opening of the Sotheby’s Auction House in 1744, the Sotheby’s name has earned notoriety as a marketer of the world’s most valuable and prestigious possessions. Originating from Great Britain, Sotheby's is the oldest company on the NYSE and a global trendsetter that offers the world's most discerning clientele the opportunity to sell or acquire the rarest, luxurious and most exceptional treasures. With auction houses throughout North America, Asia, Europe and Australia, Sotheby's generates revenues of over $6B USD yearly, making it the most significant, largest art business in the world.

3. The Network - We are the largest, most interconnected global luxury network of the top real estate talent in each of the markets we operate in. Currently, we have approximately 900 offices in 70 countries. We go to great lengths to build meaningful global relationships with other SIR affiliates resulting in thousands of referrals back and forth each year.  Our clients can expect the same standards with every affiliate office around the globe.

4. The People - The SIR global network is comprised of the top real estate talent in each market. Each affiliate that carries the blue card is held to a higher standard. Together, our brand members form a formidable international network that is committed to being one of the most storied brands in the real estate business. We are able to provide unmatched, top tier service and sophisticated global marketing that our competitors cannot match. It takes years of experience, specialized knowledge and skill-set to sell luxury, premium marketing capabilities and vast global exposure to attract the right buyers. This is where we separate ourselves from others who claim to be our equals.

5. The Marketing - The is no other brand that matches our media plan, due to our robust partnerships with powerhouses such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Architectural Digest, Financial Times, Globe & Mail,, just to name a few. To round out our media plan, we have handpicked global partners to help drive brand awareness and showcase our listings to a broad audience of affluent buyers who value the unique. SIR strategically places homes in front of an affluent audience from all corners of the globe, in every language and currency, whether they tap, swipe or click. The strategy works as we are the only Canadian real estate company to deliver over 1B+ annual online impressions through our .com and .ca websites. On each of our listings, we have the unique advantage of pinpointing where web traffic originates from and gain additional listing exposure by collaborating with any global SIR office to promote that property to their network. 

6. Our International Reach - The touting of being 'international’ has caught on in our marketplace. Many of the people we compete with are regional companies whose name resonates only within their local trading area. Some companies have global name recognition, but are they known as luxury brands? Some advertise themselves as luxury specialists or having an international footprint and reach, yet few have significant benefits to offer their clients. International is not just our middle name.  We continue to expand our reach as the largest, most interconnected true international luxury network.


7. Our Standards - SIR enforces strict global standards with our name, logo and brand marks so our clients receive the same consistent, top quality customer experience around the world, which is a rarity and a competitive advantage.


8. Our Track Record -  In 2016, the SIR network of 20,000 associates sold over $95 billion US dollars worth of real estate globally. By contrast, RE/MAX and Century 21 have approximately 100,000 sales people each and do approximately $160 billion USD each. A huge difference in productivity.      

9. The Service - We take great pride in offering a service to clients unparalleled in the marketplace today. We are pleased to offer white glove service from beginning to end and establishing long-lasting relationships with our clients.

10. The Experience - Hiring Sotheby's International Realty Canada is about the experience, not the price. I am part of a service conducive to refined living, a pleasure out of the ordinary one allows their self. It's not just about expensive things, luxury is in the way you appreciate things. Every property gets the same level of marketing regardless of the price-point.

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