Take  a look at the powerful global reach of the Sotheby's International Realty brand through our online media partnerships and channels.

Dwell Magazine online

Showcase your home through 3.5 million consumers across print, digital and live events. Dwell.com editors highlight the Sotheby’s International Realty brand and luxury properties via custom content.

NY Times

Get exclusive exposure on NYTimes.com, reaching world opinion leaders with 30 million unique visitors each month.


Hosted on both sides of China's internet firewall, Juwai.com is China's largest international property website for Chinese buyers, with over 2 million unique monthly visits.

NYT Mobile App

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Feature your home on Real-buzz.com®, the world’s largest real estate database of homes for sale from the MLS.


Showcase your home on the biggest selection of world-class $1 million-plus properties.


Expose your property to some of the world’s most affluent consumers, including over 500,000 visitors from 113 countries each month, to 500,000 annual media impressions.


Showcase your home on the homepage of the world’s leading luxury property website, where our network receives 2 million annual impressions.


Market your home on a website that receives 40 million monthly visitors to the U.S. edition, 3.5 million monthly visitors to Europe and 2 million to Asia.


Reach over 6.9 million unique visitors per year, with over 75 million page views annually.

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New York Times iPhone App

Drive additional traffic through this popular iPhone app.

Architectural Digest iPad Safari Browser

Reach readers of Architectural Digest that are using the Safari iPad browser with premium rich media ad units.


Connect wealthy global buyers with extraordinary homes, while presenting insightful real estate content and market data.


Promote your home on your local and national Multiple Listing Service.


Reach ultra affluent buyers in Asia and around the world on websites that have over 5 million registered users with an average personal income of $227,000 USD.

NYTimes.com & International New York Times...

Get exclusive exposure on NYTimes.com, reaching world opinion leaders with 30 million unique visitors each month.


Showcase your home on Canada's leading website for exceptional properties, with 2.7 million annual unique visitors.


Promote your home on our unique real estate and lifestyle channel on the world's #1 online video site.

Sotheby's International Realty Mobile App

Get your home into the palms of iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Palm, iPad and standard mobile phone users around the world.


Showcase your home on a channel with 400 million monthly active users with more than 80 million photos shared per day.

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